A Safer Place to Be

Improving perceptions of Southend as a safe place to be is an important part of encouraging more people to shop, work and study in the town. A variety of BID services will tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the BID zone and make Southend a more welcoming place for visitors.

What the BID will deliver

Street Rangers

A uniformed team of Street Rangers will be on hand to welcome visitors, as well as assisting the Police and businesses in cutting crime and anti-social behavior. A team of three Rangers are available throughout the year with extended hours over the summer months.

Child Safety

Childsafe wristbands contain information on how children can be reunited with parents if lost and are available at over 30 businesses and at Southend Central railway station. Almost 40,000 wristbands were distributed in 2016 alone and police have reported that they have contributed to a drop in incidents.




Utilising both traditional methods and social media, the BID will distribute news that highlights crime reductions and promotes Southend as a safe place to visit, as well as bring discussed at regular meetings.


Evening Economy

Additional crime reduction initiatives will strengthen Southend’s growing evening economy, in addition to Purple Flag status, the Purple Flag Festival and additional police funded by the BID.