Raising the Standards

When customers, employees, students and new businesses decide upon the best place for them, an important factor in their decision is the appearance and on-going investment in the look and feel of the location. The BID will enhance the general appearance of the BID zone, making it a tidier and more appealing destination for everyone.

What the BID will deliver


Tackling graffiti, removing chewing gum, ‘grot spot’ deep cleaning and preventing fly posting will help transform the BID zone into a more pleasant place for all.

Vacant Shops

The BID will improve the appearance of empty premises and help to encourage new businesses to move to the town.


Every year there will be a dedicated fund for additional investment in replacing and repairing street furniture and adding bunting to the High Street and its side streets to ensure Southend remains an attractive destination for visitors.


Upgrading and maintaining floral displays to create a more appealing aesthetic to encourage visitors, both new and recurring.

Christmas Lighting

A major attraction to the town, the Christmas lighting with displays on the high street and continuing into the side streets. There are also plans to upgrade these in 2018.